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We have fixed a few hundred of the screens with the same exact issue and have had success each time. We not only fix the screen but we use a higher quality screen then most other shops or cheep repair services. Our screens are Gel free and are genuine with OEM quality to them. The market is flooded with replica screens from a variety of overseas distributors. These screens are not built the same. They have horrible visibility in the direct sun and usually have dust or other particles found in the screen since they are found built in cheaper facilities.

My advice, as a professional installer who has helped hundreds of people get their CUE system working, is to repair with us and get the quality screen put in first and get it right the first time. Most customers opt to spend the few dollars extra for a Genuine product in their Cadillac, rather than deal with the cheap knock offs. Plus our screens come with a 2 year warrenty.

What Our Customers Say

Eugene was great! Great communication and quick fix! So nice to have my screen back up and working again! What relief! Highly recommend

Kevin McLeod

Works great, more than half dealer estimate

Ken Kelyt

Eugene very professional person and he does excellent work I would recommend highly on zero to ten scale I give him 11 outstanding work

Stan Antoine
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