Why Choose Us?

Why purchase from us? We have fixed over 1,000 units and hold 100% customer satisfaction. We use NEW and improved OEM Quality parts and screens that do not have any issues or prone to give out, why go to the dealership just to loose $1,400+ on a new defective unit that is prone to brake and give you a screen problem just like your old unit. Think smart and make the right choice the first time!

WE DO NOT USE CHEAP KNOCK OFF SCREENS LIKE EVERY OTHER SELLER ON THE INTERNET , we only use NEW and improved OEM Original durable quality screens and insure our work with a 2 year warranty.

Every unit gets tested several times before we return it to assure it has been 100% fixed! buy with confidence!

Save big with this service! I’ve had customers buy the screen to get it installed they spend $100+ on a screen then have it installed by local stereo shop, local stereo shop wants to charge $300+ to install without any warranty. Make the right choice the first time!

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